Marina and Jay Zucca

Marina and Jay ZuccaWe arrived in Jaen on our flight from Lima to find Henry, our guide, and Elvis, our driver, waiting for us. They were immediately recognizable because they were dressed as birders; cargo pants, vests, and caps. The vest and caps were labeled with the name of the company, Peru Tres Nortes, and their names embroidered on the vests—very professional.

After boarding our Sprinter van, we were birding within a few minutes. This was the start of an incredible adventure. The diversity of the bird life in Northern Peru is mind boggling and totally fascinating.

Fortunately for us, Henry has an encyclopedic knowledge of the birds of Peru. He knows where to find them and what they are at a glance. Elvis was able to get us to some far-flung places down some very long dirt roads safely and comfortably. Both Henry and Elvis are ready for serious birding. We were up before dawn, ready to see the birds at first light, and they were ready to go searching for owls after dark. We were impressed by their passion and dedication.

We should also mention the accommodations and the food. Gocta and Pumarinri lodges are first-class hotels in stunningly beautiful settings. The Owlet and Waqanki lodges are clean and comfortable also in beautiful settings. Every place we stayed was in the middle of prime birding habitat. We also found the food to be very good to exceptional. We ate everything and enjoyed it all. We would heartily recommend Peru Tres Nortes to arrange your birding adventure to northern Peru. We only had 10 days which was not enough and we can’t wait to go back!

Marina and Jay Zucca