Birding North Peru

Buff-bridled Inca Finch – Photo by Nick Athanas


4D/3N – Marañon endemics and Andean Valleys

DAY 1 – Abra Barro Negro & Upper Marañon Valley

Leave Leymebamba for Abra Barro Negro, the high pass rising to 3600 metres, roadside stops on Marañon areas , then down to Balsas in the hot dry Maranon valley, lunch there. Across the river and up to Celendín in the Central Andes, roadside stops including El Limon.
o/n Hostal Turistico, Celendín

Possible birds: Yellow-faced Parrotlet, Buff-briddled Inca-Finch, Gray-backed Inca-Finch, Chestnut-backed Thornbird, White-winged Blck-Tyrant, Streaked Cuckoo, Lesser Goldfinch.

DAY 2 – Celendín, Cruz Conga and Encanada to Cajamarca

Leave Celendin, continue west over Andes to Cruz Conga and La Encanada for high altitude specialities (Rufous Antpitta, Rufous-webbed Tyrant, Black-crested Tit-Tyrant), the Rio Chonta area (for Grey-bellied Comet), then continue to the town of Cajamarca.
o/n Hotel Casona del Incas, Cajamarca

DAY 3 – Cajamarca

Explore road to Chugur & San Marcos (for Great Spinetail) and other sites near Cajamarca.
o/n Hotel Casona del Incas, Cajamarca

DAY 4 – Cajamarca (or on to Chaparri)

Early morning birding at Rio Chonta. End of Tour 4, leave from Cajamarca Airport. Those on extension drive from Cajamarca to Chaparri Lodge via Saucepampa.

Asociated to APTAE and CONAVE